Interview Coaching Service

Comprehensive Interview Coaching Services – From £174.00

This is a bespoke coaching service aimed at allowing Clients who wish to realise their full potential whilst in an interview and is perfect if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • Do you feel nervous at interview?
  • Are your struggling with competency based interview questions?
  • Are you applying for a vacancy that you cannot afford to lose?

Our Unique Interview Coaching Service

These sessions take 3 hours split into 2 sessions and will involve:

  • An initial assessment of a Clients interview style through a brief Live Online Mock Interview. This mock interview is tailored to the role you are applying for thereby providing a solid foundation on which to build.
  • This is followed by a discussion and instruction on interview techniques.
  • A final Live Online Mock interview will then take place providing the opportunity for the Client to perfect their interview skills further, particularly any areas of weaknesses.

Clients can either choose to undertake the mock interview online via zoom or face to face

  • Online £174.99
  • Face to Face from (£269.99) Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

Not only do our experienced recruitment professionals know exactly how you should write a CV, they are also the perfect people to advise you on interview skills. They have sat on the opposite side of the table observing people make the common interview mistakes that you will avoid, should you choose to use our Interview Coaching services.

Contact us for a quote. Maybe you need to utilise more than one of our services so why not request a quote for one of our exclusive packages?

Live Online Mock Interview can be arranged through our interview coaching services. contact our Interview coaches for more information

Our Interview Coaches

Our Interview Coaching Services is led by Matt Wallace, a former Executive Headhunter working in the City of London identifying individuals for Construction, Civil Engineering and Oil & Gas Industries.

As such he has undertaken 1,000’s of interviews with and on behalf of Clients.

In addition he has provided training to company executives on how they should be interviewing candidates to extract the most relevant information.

With this experience he is perfectly placed to coach individuals through the interview process

Contact Matt now to discuss our Interview Coaching Service in more detail.