Free CV Templates

We hope you find these free CV templates useful when writing your new CV. They should allow you to produce a well structured CV in a short timescale. However it is important that you identify the most suitable layout to your experience and situation, selection of the wrong layout can be disastrous and take twice as long to correct.

The Graduate Free CV Template

Graduates can find writing a CV difficult, especially if they have limited work experience, and we are often asked how they can fill a one page CV. Don’t panic and employ the grey cells and use this free Graduate CV template! Before even writing a CV, graduates need to think about the skills they possess, selecting those that would be suitable to the business environment. The  easiest skills to identify are:


Teamwork: Do you play a team sport or did you have to work as a team member to complete a project whilst at college/school?

Communication: Having completed school/college you should have a wealth of experience of writing reports and communicating with other students and tutors.

Computer skills: Highlight the software packages you have used.


Our Graduate Free CV Template

Download our free CV template for graduates today and check out our page on how to write the perfect graduate CV to make your CV stand out

Graduate CV Template for Free

The Career Change Free CV Template

The most common CV writing assignments we undertake, are for Clients that are looking to change their career path, whether that’s industry or role. When compiling this type of CV it is preferable to concentrate on transferable skills and key achievements that are most relevant to the targeted job description. 

When reading a CV, the recruiter will often scan for keywords or buzzwords and if the CV is targeted correctly these will be easily identifiable on the first page contained within key skills and achievement sections. You can even highlight these words further by using bold or italic text.

Our Career Change Free CV Template

This free CV template is suitable for those looking for a career changer as the first page of the CV focuses on skills and achievements.

The Career Break Free CV Template

Have you taken a career break to have a family or maybe taken a sabbatical to go travelling? 


Getting back into employment can be difficult and people are always unsure how to approach this on their CV. The honest answer to this question is don’t hide anything. Its best to be open and upfront with all the details. Most employers are understanding that people are all at different stages of their lives, and sometimes this has an impact on their career.


Therefore in the employment history section of the CV you MUST highlight the dates you had a career break and the reason. If you try to adapt dates of your previous jobs in an attempt to hide the break, you will most likely be found out . It only takes a potential employer to request a reference for the truth to be revealed.

Our Career Break Free CV Template

If you are open and honest about your career break, then this free CV template will serve you well. If you are unsure of the pitfalls to avoid when writing a CV then it maybe worth while checking out our article 15 CV mistakes to avoid in 2020

Other Free CV Templates

Sales CV Example

Sale CV Template

Supply Teacher CV Template

Supply Teacher CV Template

Modern CV Template.

Side Bar CV Template

Design CV Template.

We really do hope that these free CV templates help you in writing a solid CV, if, however, you do struggle then we are always here to help with a wide range of CV writing services. If the basic Free CV Templates are a little plain for your tastes then we have a range of designer ones that can be downloaded on our CV Template download page here