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Do you need a CV but unsure how to achieve a clear layout?

Well look no further, we have a range of CV Templates that are available to download.

We have CV templates to suit all situations:

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Each CV is designed to suit a particular career situation. Downloading the wrong one will prevent you presenting your strongest CV to an employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Using Templates For your CV

How long should my CV be?

Ideally a CV should be no longer than 2 pages in length. If the CV is formatted correctly this length should be enough to accommodate any career history. If a Cv is longer than 2 pages then the reader often gets bored and stops absorbing information.

What should I not do on my CV?

There are many common mistakes that you need to avoid which will ensure your CV stands out for the right reasons. Mistakes can range from not putting your name at the top of the CV to selecting the wrong layout. Read our recent blog: 11 CV mistakes to avoid in 2020 which will provide much more details

Is a cover letter useful?

A well written cover letter is an essential accompaniment to a CV in most circumstances. It is a useful tool to grab the recruiters attention and entice them to read your CV. Why spend hours on the perfect CV but not spend time on a good cover letter. Try this article if you are struggling to write a cover letter

What is the difference between a CV and Resume?

The short answer is, in the UK, we don’t tend to use resumes. If a British company requests a resume dont be confused as it is normally called a personal statement. In general a CV should be no longer than 2 pages in length and a resume 1 page in length. Resumes tend to give a brief overview of a candidates suitability to a certain role whereas a CV contains a wealth of information encompassing all aspects of experience, skills, qualifications and achievements.

Why Use a Professional CV Writing Service?

  • Objective and unemotional review of your key skills and achievements
  • Exploit a proven track record of success
  • UK based CV Writers with proven recruitment experience
  • Five day turnaround with an optional 2 day express service
  • 100% individually tailored CV’s. No templates used.
  • Approachable and understanding CV writers
  • Honest advice provided through a no strings CV review
  • CV’s produced in MS Word, PDF or hard copy versions

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