What makes a successful cover letter

Time to write a cover letter? I’m often asked for help as Clients are uninspired when its time to write a cover letter. If people find writing a CV a tedious process then often by the time they turn their attention to the accompanying cover letter they have completely lost the will to live! Research […]

167 Must Have Powerful Verbs For Your CV

Trying to make your CV slightly different from the rest is never a bad thing and should lead to being selected for interview. Apart from being cutting edge in your CV design and layout, the use of language is a powerful way to achieve this. So many CVs use the same words and phrases time […]

Free CV Templates

Free CV Templates
A free CV template is a useful tool when writing a new CV as it allow you to produce one that is well structured in a short timescale. However it is important that you identify the most suitable layout to your experience and situation. Selection of the wrong layout can be disastrous and take twice […]

10 Top Tips For Working With Recruitment Agencies

Thoughout my career I’ve heard recruitment consultants being compared in a derogatory way to estate agents, that they are unprofessional and out to make a quick buck. This is unfair to both professions.  There are many highly professional, experienced recruiters out there who would provide you with a competitive advantage in your job search.   […]

CV Mistakes To Avoid

Top CV Mistakes As a CV writer and my previous experience as a recruiter, I’ve read 1000’s of CVs and seen the most common CV mistakes time and time again. So I’ve compiled a list of the most common CV mistakes to allow you to ensure that they don’t feature on yours.   Here are […]

Target Your CV Writing

How to target your CV writing for any job advert Having been a recruiter for 16 years, I can tell you from first hand experience that recruiters, who wade through hundreds of applications, do not read every word on your CV. Instead they only scan read applications for on average 30 seconds if you are […]

How Your CV is Read by Recruiters

Essential CV Writing Tips – Understand How Your CV is Read By Recruiters To excel at CV Writing I believe it’s is essential to understand how your CV is read by a recruiter. To provide you with an insight, I will describe my CV selection process below and  my thought process in justification. This should then allow you […]