167 Must Have Powerful Verbs For Your CV

Trying to make your CV slightly different from the rest is never a bad thing and should lead to being selected for interview. Apart from being cutting edge in your CV design and layout, the use of language is a powerful way to achieve this. So many CVs use the same words and phrases time and time again, which makes the CV boring to read for recruiters and employers

With the use of a thesaurus it is so easy to find alternatives to regular verbs. Here’s 167 powerful verbs that would transform your targeted CV writing

Bring to a successful conclusion Accomplish Actualise Attain Conclude Deliver Discharge Effectuate

Managed Administered Advocated Conducted Counselled Designated Directed Disbursed Engineered Governed Guided Handled Influenced Officiated Presided Supervised

Achieved Advanced Amplified Augmented Boosted Developed Enhanced Escalated Expanded Inflated Magnified Proliferated Protracted Strengthened Supplemented

Organised Catalogued Classified Correlated Coordinated Formed Formulated Grouped Tabulated

Increased Advanced Aggrandised Aggravated Amplified Enhanced Enlarged Escalated Extended Heightened Inflated Magnified Strengthened

Decreased Abated Curbed Curtailed Declined Diminished Eased Lessened Lowered Reduced Shrunk Slackened Slashed Softened Subsided

Motivated Galvanised Impelled Inclined Induced Innervated Inspired Persuaded Prompted Propelled Provoked Sparked Spurred Swayed Triggered

Communicated Acquainted Advised Connected Conveyed Corresponded Disclosed Disseminated Divulged Imparted Implied Informed Interfaced Publicised Reported Revealed Transmitted

Instructed Acquainted Advised Apprised Coached Counselled Enlightened Guided Prescribed Steered

Researched Analysed Consulted Explored Inquired Investigated Scrutinised

Taught Coached Corrected Cultivated Developed Enlightened Enriched Informed Instructed Nurtured Refined Schooled Shaped Trained Tutored

Helped Advocated Aided Assisted Boosted Championed Encouraged Endorsed Favoured Financed Fostered Furthered Promoted Propped Sponsored

Led Affected Contributed Directed Induced Presided Spearheaded Supervised


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